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Perl Rules

Please see example folder for how to include Perl scripts.

This section will be expanded with better documentation as I (or someone else) gets time.

The Perl Toolchain utilizes the relocatable perl project.

Mac Support

Currently, simple perl programs and Pure Perl modules work.

Modules that require compiling are not yet supported.

Windows Support

No Windows Support yet. Maybe something for Strawberry Perl someday.

Using Perl Modules

This is the first stab at getting a more mature set of Perl rules for Bazel. Currenlty it is a manual process and, hopefully, it will be a map for automation later on.

Current Steps

  • Manually download the module that you want to use.
  • Add the actual files that you need to your repository.
    • Highly recommended that you place the files in the directory structure that each Perl file is unpacked into (you may need to run perl Makefile.PL; make to see the final paths)
    • Recommended to create a 'cpan' directory and place the files (in their required path) there.
    • Test::Mock::Simple does NOT follow this pattern as it is being used as a practical example - please see 'Simple Pure Perl Example' section.
  • Add the new module's information to the BUILD file in the root directory of all your modules.
    • the target in the deps attribute
      • At this time compiled files (result of XS) will be put in the srcs attribute
    • the directory where the module lives in the env attribute for the PERL5LIB variable


The process needs to be repeated for any dependencies that the module needs.

Eventually, this should be an automated process.

Simple Pure Perl Example

Downloaded and unpacked: Test::Mock::Simple

This modules was chosen because it has no dependencies and is pure Perl.

Moved the required file to examples/cpan/Test-Mock-Simple-0.10/lib

NOTE: this location has been chosen so you can compare what is in the tar vs what as actually needed. This is a bad location! It would be better to be in cpan/lib.

Create a target for the module in your BUILD file (which resides in the cpan directory):

    name = "TestMockSimple",
    srcs = ["Test-Mock-Simple-0.10/lib/Test/Mock/"],

Now you can specify it as a dependency to any script that requires that module:

    env = {
        "PERL5LIB": "examples/cpan/Test-Mock-Simple-0.10/lib",
    deps = ["//examples/cpan:TestMockSimple"],

NOTE: at this time you need to provide the directory that Perl needs to add to @INC.