This module provides a single place for all aspects, rules, and macros that are meant to have stardoc generated documentation.



A test rule for performing rustfmt --check on a set of targets


A unique name for this target.


Rust targets to run rustfmt --check on.



This aspect is used to gather information about a crate for use in rustfmt and perform rustfmt checks

Output Groups:

  • rustfmt_manifest: A manifest used by rustfmt binaries to provide crate specific settings.
  • rustfmt_checks: Executes rustfmt --check on the specified target.

The build setting @rules_rust//:rustfmt.toml is used to control the Rustfmt configuration settings used at runtime.

This aspect is executed on any target which provides the CrateInfo provider. However users may tag a target with norustfmt to have it skipped. Additionally, generated source files are also ignored by this aspect.

Propagates along attributes named:


A unique name for this target.