A rule that writes a UTF-8 encoded text file from user-specified contents.

native.genrule() is sometimes used to create a text file. The 'write_file' and macro does this with a simpler interface than genrule.

The rules generated by the macro do not use Bash or any other shell to write the file. Instead they use Starlark's built-in file writing action (ctx.actions.write).

Macros and Functions


Creates a UTF-8 encoded text file.

Example usage (generated)

load("@bazel_skylib//rules:write_file.bzl", "write_file")

    # Name of the rule.
    name = "",
    # Path of the output file, relative to this package.
    out = "",


Name of the rule.


Path of the output file, relative to this package.


A list of strings. Lines of text, the contents of the file. Newlines are added automatically after every line except the last one.


A boolean. Whether to make the output file executable. When True, the rule's output can be executed using bazel run and can be in the srcs of binary and test rules that require executable sources.


one of ["auto", "unix", "windows"]: line endings to use. "auto" for platform-determined, "unix" for LF, and "windows" for CRLF.


further keyword arguments, e.g. visibility